I let you get away from me once and I don’t want that to happen again. 

WATCH IN 480p (sorry no HD, my Sony Vegas can’t do better :/ )


She’s a wonderful human being…and so what if she moved to L.A to reinvent herself? She’s allowed!" - Zoila Diaz about Genevieve.


Another video about the lovely and adorable Genevieve Delatour…what can I do? This character inspires me so much!! This video focuses mainly on episodes 2x09 and 2x10, the ones with Genevieve’s mother, Velma. After those episodes, I wanted to explore Genevieve’s past and especially childhood, and this idea came to my mind. I wanted to show the difficult relationship between Velma and Genevieve, and how Genevieve turned out to be all the same a wonderful person, especially thanks to Zoila’s love and support.


I hope you’ll like it, let me know what you think about it! Enjoy! ;)


Song: F*ckin’ Perfect by Pink.


The clips belong to Devious Maids, Anastacia’s music video “Welcome to my Truth” and Ludacris’ music video “Runaway Love”.


*wraps blanket around favourite character*

*wraps arms around favourite character*

*wraps entire existence around favourite character*

*hisses* dont touch her